Grand Tasting Course

Approx. one and half hours

€30 per person (2–5 participants)

€25 per person (6–12 participants)

This experience is designed to tell the story of our winery and, above all, of our wine, painted onto a canvas of history and fine dining. A stroll in a hidden nook of our region, exploring the panoramic Attimis vineyard, discovering winegrowing practices and historical curiosities; then a visit to our cellars, in the capable hands of those who make wine with passion and describe it with delight and enthusiasm. At the end of our tour, you will be fascinated by the tasting of two At and two Selection wines, accompanied by a traditional Friuli snack of delicious flavours and aromas typical of north-eastern Italy: local organic cheeses and naturally leavened bread.

This experience is for you if you want to:

  • get to know our completely biodynamic winery
  • discover our cellars
  • taste our At and Selection wines

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